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Spruce Up Your Patio

Its warming up which means its time to get your patios in order and ready to be put to good use. That doesn’t mean you need to break your bank to do it. Here are some budget friendly ideas to spruce up your backyard. Fire: An excellent way to add a little ambiance to your […]


Backsplash Trends

Your backsplash can make your whole kitchen come together. Even if your kitchen has a very contemporary look, a fun colorful backsplash can give it the life that it needs to not be bland and lifeless. Bold colors for backsplashes have been making a big impact in the interior design world and so have geometric […]


Staging and What Not to Forget

Don’t forget about these key areas when staging your home. Walls and ceilings: A fresh coat of paint does wonders for appeal. Don’t let chipping paint give buyers a bad impression of your home. When choosing colors, be sure to go with something soft and neutral. Bold wall colors can be seen as good or […]


Your Choice Today Affects Your Sale Later

Owning your home gives you the power to whatever your heart desires when it comes to decorating, painting, structural changes and designs. That is quite the power trip! However, be mindful that whatever changes you make can either help or hurt you if you decide to sell your home. I’m not saying that being unique […]


7 Summits Right Here In The Valley

This lovely planet of ours has 7 summits that every hiking junky would jump at the chance to conquer. However, not everyone has the time or funds to go from continent to continent in search of these epic trails. No need to fret! You can conquer your own 7 summits right here in Phoenix! Camelback […]


The Renovation Bug and Your Kitchen

Its Spring everyone! Do you know what that means? The renovation bug is here, buzzing in your ear about cabinet glazes and self-closing drawers. You aren’t the only one with this little friend whispering ideas to you either. Lowe’s and Home Depot consider spring time a busy season and for good reason. We ALL get […]